Earn Money in Cyber

(Update Cheat Dragon City) sPeciaL New Gold + Food + XP HacX

Dragon City Hack Update Gold, Food and Xp. Get free 30.000 Gold, 30.000 Xp and 30.000 Food every time and no cpu limit and not via website, just download hack then open hack.

Tools Required:
Steps to use this hack:
  1. Download Dragon City HackDC_V2.1.2
  2. Open facebook then open Dragon City
  3. Right click on a blank page then click view page source
  4. Then click Ctrl+f and input this code "signed_request"
  5. Then input the code after name="signed_request" value="this is the code that will be entered" /> to Dragon City HackDC_V2.1.2
  6. Then select your hack (30.000 Food and Xp or 30.000 Gold and Xp)
  7. Click enter on the hack then wait for loading to 100%
  8. After that see your food, gold and XP
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